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 Eternal candle for all my cherished kindred spirits in animal form taken before their time, whom gained their place in my heart and now live there.

I will have vengeance against all my enemies and haters of animals, in this life or another !!

Okay I openly admit it, I'm a sentimentalist regarding animals and the earth.

If destiny allows, I will have my wish granted, to take vengeance against the criminals of humankind on behalf of the innocent animals, murdered and victimized for greed and fun, I'd rather our species never existed, given what it has done to the world, other lifeforms.


Human over breeders and thieves

I am against the stealing of water supplies / sources, habitats from wildlife, and will not donate any water on care2 or anywhere else, because doing so kills animals and only further increases over breeding by the human species, most specifically in the third world, Africa, Asia, Middle East. Far East, Orient, Mexico and South / Latin America, these are the worse offending populations and countries


As do Water aid, band aid, sports aid, live aid, and many others which are sending aid to africa, india, and the various other country's whose human populations are running amok and are the one major threat to animals, habitats, natural environment etc...

Comic relief and the various others, compounding the problem of human over breeding with their insane and misguided actions, people should stop donating to them.

Year in year out, for decades, Comic relief and others, have only made the over breeding problem worse, and by doing so, have played their part in putting all animals, habitats, environment under ever increasing threat.

It no doubt seems a harsh and drastic view to have, but it is only common sense, the world wide human population needs to be reduced and kept down to 2 and half billion Max, one word defines what is absolutely necessary " Equilibrium ", most other species follow this rule and live in harmony with nature, keeping their numbers in check, the human species and certain races in particular, of the human species do not, and they pose one of the primary threats to the very existence and survival of everything else.

Hence I do so believe, " Comic relief Sucks Big Time ", " Red Nose Day Sucks ", as do all charities, organizations  which exacerbate the problem.

If animals, habitats and natural environments are to be saved and survive, the above should not be donated to,  people should redirect their donations to animal and environment charities.

Strong words, maybe, but they are based on irrefutable facts.


 The undeniable Dreadful Prophetic Truth

   Because people will not wake up and change their ways

It will be animals who lose out, just as they already are doing and always have !!, our species has already been interfering with and removing the natural habitats and water sources of animals.

It is the irresponsible peoples of particular country's, running amok with over populating, combined with stealing the water sources belonging to animals, which are likely to be the final actions that will consign animals to oblivion.

I hold strong views about human over population, I hate and despise this happening, and the people of the worse offending countries must be held accountable.

I have no interest in helping people / populations, it is these people running amok with the excessive numbers of kids they have, even when there is famine they continue breeding, it is they who are putting the Earth and All Animals in danger, to give food and aid to these people only compounds the problem, human populations of the worse offending country's should, must be cut back severely and immediately, there is no more time, this is the only common sense reasonable option.

Damn to hell those of the human species whom are responsible.



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