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I like chess, but haven't played for decades, and even then it was only online at Yahoo.

That guy in the vid is not me

My style, I play by sort of intuition rather than strategy.

I do miss playing, but what can I do, when there is no one to play against.

Anyone up to a challenge !!

There is No Enlightenment outside Ourselves Look within

Undeniable Fact

Another Day for You in Paradise

The Lion King

 Watching this Lion King vid, brings me both great sadness and intense delight at one and same time, delight from the years in which I was privileged to share my life with such wonderful spirits and those with whom I now do, intense regret n sadness at the departing of those whom I so adored,  I lose myself completely in thoughts n memories of all the beloved soulmates lost throughout the years, in whichever way, it also causes me to reflect that Humankind has a long history of committing crimes against other Sentient lifeforms and this planet, yet it continues to do so, clearly humankind looks to be incapable of learning from the past.

  Midnight ", is the true Lion King, anointed by rays of light, compare both photo's


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