Shining kindred spirits taken before their time Shining kindred spirits taken before their time 202005123 Midnight " Middy " 1st Sept 2008 - 27th July 2014 Midnight " Middy ", Forever " The True Lion King " 27 July 2014, On this day, Middy's life was ended by vet at approx 00.32hrs. Midnight " Middy ", my brother, however much time passes by, it'll only ever be as if it were just yesterday that your life was taken, I will be with you again. 202004790 Midnight and myself 5 June 2014 I had little idea that Middy's life would be taken from him only weeks after this photo was taken of us together 202004828 Max ( Monday 12th Nov 2012 ) In remembrance of Max ( Approx 2 yrs of age, another wonderful spirit lost too early and whom I will be miss so deeply, I count myself so lucky to have shared your short life, you may have lived with others but I'd always considered you to be another of my kindred spirits, and so hope that I'll be granted your being amongst all my kindred spirits beyond the Rainbow Bridge. Blessings and love to you forever Max 202005453 Inky 17th May 2012 Inky ( Street Cat ), another shining spirit lost from my life and the world - 17th May 2012. The pain, grief and regret of Inky's going, is now added to that of all my other beloved lost, never to diminish and always to be keenly felt. 202005114 Inky Farewell my treasured brother spirit, you are another brilliant star in my sky, your memory, as with those of all my other beloved soul mates, is forever bright, may we all be together beyond the Rainbow Bridge Inks. It was clearly destined that street cat Inky, and myself would meet in this life, and form such an amazing incredible connection with each other, and that he would live out the rest of his life as a beloved family member, enjoying his last 2 years, living alongside Jet and Midnight whom I'm certain were his daughter and son, I'm so proud and privileged to have encountered you Inky, another of the exceptional spirits whom chose to entwine their life into my own. 202005421 For Bec ( 12.01pm - 12th Sept 2011 ) For Beck ( 17yrs ) Your memory forever bright Goodnight and bless you Beck, you are a Prince. For three weeks we fought for your life and tried to save you but in the end we could not. Beck, wonderful magnificent brother of mine, you'll forever live in my heart and always have my love. We'll be together in another better life. 202005279 Cuffie, aka Fifth Cat 28 May 2010 Cuffie, I loved and adored you, another beloved and shining kindred spirit, go and be with our others over the rainbow bridge, the rest of us here, will join you and my other beloved soulmates, in our turn. 202005402 Bew ( 5th April 2008 to 11th June 2008 ) My beautiful Bew, you were only given a few weeks of life but it was long enough for me to fall in love with you, you'll never be forgotten and if destiny allows, we will be together again. Your memory still and forever bright 202005492 Mickey ( July 1992 - 16th August 1994 ) Mickey, you'd only been granted 2 years of life, before being taken from me, and as with those beloved others I could not save, the sadness of your loss is always with me, here's to us being together longer in the next or another life. 202005163